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Democratizing well-being, one healing class at a time

Our mission is bring free emotional healing to every community in the world through our self-sustaining programs.

What we do

Bringing emotional healing to communities around the world

We are a Jewish foundation on a mission to bring much needed emotional healing to the world. Communities cannot thrive when people are disconnected from themselves and their purpose. We believe that all human beings deserve to enjoy spiritual connection, peace and fulfillment in their lives. We believe that our approach to sustainability will enable anyone on this planet who wants emotional and spiritual healing to get it free of charge.

The secret to sustainability model is our flagship program called Brushstrokes of Emotion. This completely free program is hosted in cities all around the world and offers a unique healing modality that brings together powerful concepts from art therapy and group therapy in a two hour guided meditative painting class. Participants learn to connect with themselves emotionally and experience powerful intimate connection with others.

What does Darash Ahava mean?

Turning towards spirituality and loving one another

Our mission is to empower and heal communities around the world through Jewish values. Our area of focus is on emotional and spiritual health, and we believe this means providing free access to emotional and spiritual healing programs and events, and ensuring safety and security at these events and at places of worship around the world.

Sadly, for the millions of people who have experienced trauma, mental health has become a privilege for those who can afford to hire psychiatrists, therapists, attend rehab programs, attend yoga, etc — leaving many desperate and hopeless for peace, connection and happiness. We have worked with industry leading professionals on the cutting edge of trauma therapy and treatment to develop our own healing modalities, such as meditative art healing, and offer our own classes through our partner centers around the world completely for free to the public. Furthermore , we ensure that our events are a safe space for people to connect with others and experience healing. 

We also believe that a critical component to healing is developing a connection to a higher power, which we believe to be God. As such, we believe it is essential that people of all faiths have the ability to go to their place of worship and feel safe and secure to be vulnerable and nourish their relationship with God. 

Unfortunately, recent conflict in the Middle East and a virulent rise in anti-Semitism, particularly in western countries, threatens the safety of millions of Jews. Many small synagogues and congregations live in fear of random attacks by radicals and terrorists, and many at this time of uncertainty, desperately want to pray, but are afraid to do so. This is why we have partnered with law enforcement all around the country to provide off-duty, uniformed, armed police officers to escort people to and from synagogues, and to protect synagogues during times of prayer. 

More than ever we need your support to continue to fund these programs.

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Our Programs

All contributions and royalties support our programs below. We offer grants and scholarships to persons in need of mental health services who cannot afford them.

Art Healing

The creative process in art therapy is believed to have therapeutic benefits, allowing individuals to express thoughts and feelings that may be difficult to put into words.

Recovery Coaching

Recovery coaching is a form of support for individuals who are seeking to overcome challenges related to addiction or substance abuse and are in the process of recovery.

Therapy Services

Therapy services encompass a range of professional interventions aimed at improving an individual’s mental, emotional, and psychological well-being. Therapists, who can be psychologists, counselors, social workers, or psychiatrists, provide these services.

Addiction Rehabilitation

Addiction rehabilitation, often simply referred to as rehab, is a structured and supervised treatment program designed to help individuals overcome substance abuse or addiction.

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Strategic Partnership

Partnership with Recovery Through Resonance

Through our licensing partnership with Recovery Through Resonance (, the art created in these events is offered in an online healing gallery where it helps people find connection online and is also auctioned as NFTs. The royalties we receive from these auctions allow us not only to sustain our healing program, but to fund grants and scholarships to pay for mental health services for those in need, and to donate generously to our partner charities around the world.

Two hours of your time can not only give you free healing, but can pay for another’s healing while supporting hundreds of initiatives from feed starving children in third world countries to bringing clean water to communities.

Board Members

Our volunteer board proudly governs the Darash Ahava Foundation.

David Widerhorn

David Widerhorn

Founder, President, Board Member

Jeff Thomas

Jeff Thomas

Board Member

Rabbi Pinchas Allouche

Rabbi Pinchas Allouche

Board Member