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Bringing down the barriers to access to trauma therapy, coaching, and other mental health services to communities around the world.

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There is no denying the profound effect therapy and other mental health services can have on helping people lead their best lives. Re-writing your story and healing trauma is foundational to the development of a healthy sense of self, experiencing intimate connection, and leading a meaningful life. Unfortunately, many of the most powerful forms of healing are inaccessible to many people due to cost. People often find themselves limited in their ability to heal and grow because even when they find a great therapist or coach, they can’t afford to stay with the program long enough to achieve the results they want or are capable of. We are working hard to democratize access to mental health services, both by helping marginalized communities access these resources and by subsidizing the costs on a need basis.

We work with people of all backgrounds who are suffering the effects of trauma, need additional support, and cannot either find the right resources or cannot afford them. We are partnered with industry-leading trauma therapists, recovery coaches, addiction rehabilitation centers, and life coaches, and have negotiated special terms, to enable those in the most need to get the highest quality help as seamlessly as possible. A percentage of every donation we receive goes towards funding the grant program, and grants are prioritized on a need basis and based on available resources.

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